Attitude + Activity = Sales Success

I know I have mentioned this already in the previous post but it so important that I decided to talk a little bit more about attitude. It is easy to say that you need a positive attitude. It is a lot harder to actually keep a positive attitude. So I’ve discussed how I do it. If I’m honest I have to work on my attitude everyday. I have to WORK everyday to keep my attitude where I want it. When I have something negative happen in my day, and they do happen. Negative things, whether it is rejection or sale that just didn’t work out right are a constant in sales. What I do to isolate the negativity is like I wrote about last time. I do just that. I isolate the bad and think of the good. You cannot take the rejection personally. I decide that I am going to take the negative and try and learn from it and move on to the next good thing. You have to get back in to your sales attitude (which is a positive upbeat attitude) quickly. Any type of sales profession is a numbers game. I try and look at the negatives as one step closer to a positive.

The sure fire way that will make my day better is to make a sale. It doesn’t even have to be big sale to boost my spirits and my confidence. This is where daily activity comes into play. The more I am out there pounding the pavement and talking with potential clients, the more often I will get a potential customer to tell me yes! The person that gets the most sales is probably the person that gets told no the most often. If I let the negative and let my attitude slip I will not be able to sell and will be stuck.

So what I am trying to say in this post is that everyone in sales gets rejected. Some of us will get rejected more than others just based on how much sales activity we individually have. It is how we take that rejection and our ability to move on past it and our daily effort to sell that will determine how successful we will be in our sales careers.

We have to Stay Positive and Work Hard!

Good Luck!

Staying Positive In Sales! 3 Ways That I Stay Positive

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Being able to stay positive in sales is HUGE! One of the easiest things to do in sales is to get discouraged. How many no’s do we hear as sales people every single day? How many rejections? I know that I get rejected just like everyone else and I also know that it can be tough to get through the no’s to be able to get the yes’s. I know that being sales can be a complete GRIND, both physically and mentally. I also know from my personal experiences that It is ABSOLUTELY essential to remain positive and upbeat in a sales environment. If you are not upbeat and then you will not be able to think creatively. This lack of creative thinking will stifle your ability to find new customers. Even if you are able to find someone to listen to you about your product. If you are not enthusiastic people will take it like you are not confident in the product that you are trying to sell and if you are not confident in your own product. Why should they buy that it from you? What I would like to do is put out 3 ways that help me stay positive. They are simple things that I do that personally and they really do help me.

1. I tell myself everyday, some days it can be an every hour occurrence, that it is going to be a good day! I will tell myself out loud in my car or in my office, “It is going to be a great/good day.” It helps me stay focused on the positive. I really do this and it really does help me. The positive reinforcement even from myself helps me have a better day.

2. I smile all the time. Smiling is my game-face! A smile is disarming. A smile is infectious. Smiling also makes those around me happier. From my personal experience people are much more likely to buy from me if I am smiling. Even if I am having a rough day, if I smile it can turn into a good day pretty quick.

3. Lastly I try and focus on the good that has happened to me. The reason it is so important to not focus on the negative is because our minds get sucked into the negative and our minds will make something worse than it really is. From my personal experiences I have noticed that it is much easier to focus on the negative things than it is to focus on the positive. Once I get started on the negative my mind is not able to focus. I am not able to sell because of it and that is never a good thing for someone is sales.  So this will take practice and will require effort to master. Eventually it will become easier to focus on the good and leave the bad out. The way I do this is to look at the good in my life and just realize how thankful I am for those good things. If I do this it makes it a ton easier to sell.

So tell yourself today is going to be great, keep smiling, and stay focused on the positive and you will be able to sell more. Selling when positive is tons easier than selling when you are down. Good luck!

Important Part of the Sales Process… Getting Out There

One of the most important elements of sales is getting out there and actually hitting your feet on the pavement! If you don’t try then you are guaranteed to fail. I know that this is a bit obvious but sometimes people get comfortable. You can’t get comfortable in a sales position of any kind. You have to stay hungry. But that is a different subject altogether. My point in this post is that one of the most important parts of a career in sales is process that you go through to find new leads and create new clients. For me personally I don’t like to use the phone, but I will if I have to. I like to meet potential clients face to face and I like to get in front of as many as possible. And like I said in my previous post about, “hunting or stalking” I mean that you have to stay in contact with your potential client or you will lose them.

Good Luck!

“Sales is like hunting… Or stalking.”

This quote is from my sales manager during a recent Monday Morning Meeting.

I really really liked this quote because it is absolutely true. One of the very basic parts of any sales career is that you will have to chase potential clients. You will have to put in time on the hunt. Some of those leads that you chase will be ready to sign and those are nice because it just clicked. That’s good hunting when you go out searching and come back with a signature or two.

Some of them it will feel like you are stalking them. (not literally stalking)  What I mean by that is that you found a lead that was interested but they were not ready to buy right then. It really doesn’t matter why they were not ready. What that does mean is you are going to have to continue to reach out to that potential customer. You will have to call, email, drop in with donuts or treats. A drop in usually goes much smoother with a treat of some sort or another. Use what works for you in your field of sales whether it is any of the options above or if it be anything else that you like to use. Whatever method that you choose to use with your customers just be there and be ready for when your customer is ready to pull the trigger and buy.