Cold Calling is an absolute must for everyone in sales! You have have to be able to potential customers and this is a good way to do that. I understand that this is not the favorite thing to do for some. I also understand that with practice you can get really proficient at this and… Read More

Being  VALUABLE to you your customers is one of those things that will absolutely help separate you from your competition. You may be asking what am I talking about? To be helpful to my clients I need to be open and willing to helping them. We as sales professionals need to get away from the… Read More

I want to write about something that I can really relate to in sales. What I came up with is that you can sell it if you believe in it. A very important part of selling for me starts with the product/service that I am selling. I have to have confidence in what I am selling. If I… Read More

In this post I want to just post on that I really like motivational videos. I like to watch them in the morning and they not only get me pumped up but they make me think of things that I need to do that day. Then I prioritize and make my plan. This is one of… Read More

So a huge thing to save time and to make sales is to have a plan for your day and be prepared for that plan. Once you have your plan and you have prepared for it. Prepare for it by looking up the businesses that you are visiting that day. Know what they do and… Read More

I have been asked on a couple of different occasions how I personally sell. I wanted to go over exactly how I try and approach every sale. I am going to try and break it down into steps in a bullet point type of a format. I will try to be thorough but not overly long… Read More

Time Management is something that I have written about already but today I want to go into a different direction. I want to delve specifically into planning out my day and how I work much more efficiently this way. First off I will acknowledge that I am not perfect in this regard. I will share… Read More