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Tips For Sales

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1 Way You Are Failing In Sales

There is a way that a lot of sales people fail in sales. I am not saying that you personally are failing in sales or that you are doing this. What I am saying is that people get content after making a sale in a day. This 1 sale gives people a false sense of security. Don’t get me wrong. It is great getting a sale. I have done this in the past and I have also stayed hungry for another once I have made a sale. The days that I make a sale I feel great. It only makes sense that I should be in the field selling when I am feeling GREAT. I have found that people respond better when I am feeling better. I feel more confident on those days and it bleeds over into my pitches. People feel the confidence and subsequently have more confidence in what I am saying. I have had days where I can have multiple sales in a day because of this shift in my attitude. I stay hungry to make another sale.

So how do I do this? What I do to help my sales is to have a set schedule of when I am going to be in the field selling. If I make a sale, great. If do not make a sale, keep going. My schedule is the same either way. I have a set time I want to be out of the office and a set time for lunch and set time to be back in the office to put the orders in. This schedule may not transfer over to your industry. If it does not please make your own and share it in the comments section. This schedule has helped me stay productive a sales person. So a sample schedule for me is to get out of the office by no later than 9:30-9:45 am. I will work until 11:30 and then take a 30-45 minute lunch. After lunch I will stay actively engaged in selling to existing customers, new customers, new leads that I just found, etc. until 4 pm. At 4 pm I will start looking at my day and look to see if there is anyone else that I can see really quickly. If so I will go and try and see them. If not I will start heading back to my office to key my sales into the system. What this schedule does for me helps me stay focused and it has helped me get in front of more people. That in turn will continue to help me sell more. So don’t be content. Keep pushing forward to the next sale.

This was a simple sales tip for you today but sometimes we all need to remember the basics. I hope that this will help someone make a sale or two today. Keep checking back at for more sales tips, advice and more about me. If you have anything that you do to increase your productivity please share it with us in the comments section.  Thank you for reading and good luck today.

How Do I Overcome Rejection In Sales

Rejection stinks! Being told no stinks! Not getting our way stinks! But that is life. Not everything that we plan and work hard to obtain will work out. That being said, it doesn’t make it any easier to get rejected. When I first started in sales I remember being rejected and getting down. Down on myself and on my products. I found that being down on myself or my products would really hurt my sales results. When I say hurt, I really mean shut them down all together. That is obviously a very bad thing to happen to a sales professional. Without sales there is no money. Without money there will be no job in the near future. So… What do I do now to overcome rejection in sales?

What do I do now to overcome rejection in sales?

I have found several things that have not worked for me in overcoming rejection. The one thing that I have found to help me is to change my mindset a little bit. What I mean is that I have to approach each potential client with the attitude that if they do not buy from me, there are still hundreds and hundreds of other potential clients out there that I need to get in front of. So if I get there in front of the potential client with the mentality that there are so many more people out there, it makes it much easier to move on and continue to press onward. So coming from a position of abundance makes me feel better. I have found type of mentality to be helpful to me in my sales position. I am not saying move on from the potential client that just rejected your pitch. What I am saying is to put into your CRM or Outlook or however you keep up with your potential clients a note to recontact them in the future. You never know when their position may change. Also what I am saying is that everyday there are people opening new businesses across the world. This is an absolute fact. What I have done in the past is to get the NEW business license list from the local government center (town hall, city hall, etc.). It may have a cost associated with it but it will give you the list to the newest businesses in your city where you are selling. Having this tangible list of new businesses has helped me realize that I can have this mentality of coming from abundance.

I hope that this will help someone overcome rejection in sales today. Please let me know what you do to overcome rejection in sales and how you apply it in your life by leaving a comment in the comment section. Good luck!

Self Confidence in Sales

Is self confidence an important part of sales?

In my opinion self confidence is a vital part of sales. So what is self confidence in sales? I have noted in my experiences that self confidence comes from a thorough preparation for every customer. You can have self confidence in front of a customer that you are fully prepped for and then go to another customer and not have that confidence because of a lack of preparation for that customer. Without self confidence your customers or potential customers will pick up on the lack of confidence in yourself and may perceive it as a lack of confidence in your product or service.

How do you develop self confidence in sales?

It all starts with the preparation for that customer. So for me the first thing that I need to do is find out as much as I can about that customer’s problem that needs to be improved on. So I need to ask questions about their issue and then listen to the customer. I take notes as I am talking with them so that I will not forget the issue. Next I look at my solutions that I have to help that customer. If I have solutions that can solve that customer’s issues I will note down and pair them with their issues while I am that customer. What I will do next is let the customer know that I definitely have solutions that can help them. I will also let them know that I would like to get back together so we can review the solutions that I have. I set the follow up appointment before I leave. After I leave the customer I will get artwork or a demo made up of some software or a website demo with their information on there. Whatever solution I have I will try and get it customized to that customer’s information and have that when I go back to see that customer. I will then look at the solutions and compare them to my notes and make sure that the solutions solve all this customer’s issues. This preparation really makes a huge difference in my confidence in front of the customer.

How Does Preparation Make You More Confident?

Just having a plan on what you want to show/say to the customer can help you. Having products prepped to show or have the customer demo is a step up in how much it can help you. Confidence comes from working hard FOR your customer. When you are working to help the customer and not to make money is really where the confidence goes through the roof. Are we there to make money? Yes in the end we are there to make money. I have found that doing this little bit extra for the customer makes a huge amount of difference in how much money I make.

One More Simple Thing To Remember

DO NOT FORGET YOUR CUSTOMER’s NAME. There is no recovery from this. Go ahead and laugh but it happens to salespeople all of the time. Mostly because we are meeting new people everyday and in some industries every hour or so. A simple sales tip that I use to help me remember my customer’s name is to write it down as I am taking notes. This writing really helps me recall that customer’s name later. I also write the company name and customer’s name. Here is an example of how I format it – ABC Company – John Doe. It’s that simple. I write it though. I do have a CRM that I use but I like pen and paper a lot. This really does help remember customers’ names.

I hope that these tips will help you with your Self Confidence In Sales. Please check some of my other posts on


Staying Positive in Sales… Even When Your Commissions Are Down!

I have posted in the past about staying positive in sales but I really wanted to address it from a different angle this time through. What if your sales are down and what if your commissions are reflective of that downward trend in your sales? You may be working as hard as you have always been but there is something that is preventing you from getting out of the sales rut. I have been there. I believe that everyone that has experienced sales has felt this way before. It is a hard thing to get out of the hole that a negative attitude digs for you. It is a much easier thing to stop for a moment and look at that check and use it as fuel. Just look at your check say out loud, “This will not happen again. I will do better. I am better than this.” Once you are done with that. Is everything magically better? No. Does this automatically fix whatever issue there is? Not at all. But it is a start. You have recognized that there is a problem and you have committed to not going through that problem again. I think that this simple little thing of saying out loud a few sentences can help you because you are putting that negative behind you and focusing on the future.

Can That Really Work?

There really is nothing to do about a paycheck once it is printed/deposited into your account. If we focus on the past we will get stuck next to those negative results that brought us that ugly paycheck. I know that when my commissions are down I can get down if I let myself. I also KNOW for a fact that if I let myself get down things are only going to get worse. In my previous post – I listed 3 ways that I personally use to stay positive in sales. I have also shared some of Jeffrey Gitomer’s advice on staying positive in sales in a previous post We can determine our outlook on the future. We can commit ourselves to doing better and we will. We can try something new that we did not try before. We can put in extra hours to try and overcome the issues.

Exercise Can Help You Win In Sales!

Exercising can be fun and it can help us in sales. Exercise will help us be healthier and that will help us feel better about ourselves. When we feel better about ourselves we are more confident. When sales people are more confident they are much more successful. I have done things from Crossfit to running to playing basketball to swimming. It doesn’t really matter which I have done. From my personal experience if I get some exercise I feel better and I am able to sell much more confidently. Does that mean if I miss a run or whatever I am going to all of the sudden not be able to sell? No. What it does mean is that health is an important part of all our lives (sales people or not).  I can see a definite difference in my results from when I was working out more often than when I was not working out at all.

In The End

It is up to us to determine our attitude. If we decide that the day is going to be a train wreck, it probably will be. If we decide it is going to be a good day, then we have a better chance of having a good one. If we exercise even a little bit each day our health overall should improve and we should see a correlation in our sales results and of course our commissions.


I hope that this will help someone. Please if you have an opinion about this or if you have any experiences about how you stay positive in sales. Please post them in the comments section. Have a great day and best of luck to you!

Sales Tip – A phrase that kills sales before they even have a chance!

Sales tip for today is all about calling potential customers on the phone. More specifically it is about a simple phrase that kills sales before they are even given a chance. I recently watched a video, that I have embedded below, that talks about 4 words that kill a sales call. I really took some solid sales tips from the video. It is from Bob Marx from That phrase is, “How are you today?”. According to Bob this phrase makes you sound just like everyone else and will unfortunately make your potential customer bring their guard up. Even if they have asked to be contacted by your company they still may block you if they hear this phrase over the phone. That is because “How are you today?” is only really used by sales people at the beginning of calls. I am guilty of this and I have actually updated the way that I start out the call. I use exactly what he is saying, “You sound busy. Is there a better time for me to call you back?”. This catches people off guard and it actually has helped me to get more potential clients to set appointments. It may sound counter intuitive but people really do appreciate that you don’t ambush them on the phone. I hate being ambushed on the phone and so does everyone else. Even with the more consultative approach there will still be people that will not be swayed. That is just part of sales. Do not let it get you down. This sales tip will help you get to those people that really need your help.

Please check out the video that I have embedded and let me know if it helps you. I sincerely hope that this will help someone today.

Super Secret Sales Tip For You

Super Secret Sales Tip of the day: Sometimes a sales tip isn’t so much about selling but more about building strong relationships. This is one of those sales tips.

I have found over the years in sales that people will really listen to me if I can prove to be valuable to them in some way before ever purchasing anything from me. I really like coming off as a consultant rather than a sales person. I am in advertising so I do this by providing information that they haven’t heard before or by providing an new way to look at things with advertising. This helps me build a good relationship with that customer and to separate myself from the competition that I know I have. Some of my customers tell me that they have at least one call every day from a competitor. So my relationship with that customer is really the difference.

I am in advertising so I look at what they are currently doing with their advertising and I look for any holes or opportunities for them in their ad program. I also look at their brand and what the customer does and I try and match what they do/sell to a service or product that I know will help their company grow. I may not even sell some of the solutions my company offers because it does not match their brand. I will look at their advertising and see if I can help them. If I can I will. There may even be a free service from somewhere like on Google Maps, etc. I will help them set that up for free to provide value. Once I have proven to be valuable I am able to show them options that will help their company grow. In my experience pointing out these opportunities to customers is a lot easier when they come from a position of trust. When I help (not sell) my clients they are much more inclined to listen to what I have to say because in their I eyes I have become an authoritative figure in that area. People like good value and if I can help someone, in the end it usually helps me as well because I have built a relationship with that person.

So my super secret sales tip is to initially not come in with guns blazing but to go into that meeting/phone call with some questions that will lead you to some known pain points for that customer. Let that customer talk about that pain. As you listen to that customer about their pain points be sure to show them some options that would fix that pain for them. Try and help them before you sell them.  Like I said above even if it is a solution that you do not offer you can tell them about a solution that may help them. You can explain what you know about that issue and give them some sort of a resource. Then you have been of value to them even before you started selling to them. Then when you do start selling that relationship is only going to help you. I would like to put a caveat on helping someone with some pain points in their business. If you don’t know anything about the issue let them know that but try to give them a map/idea of where to go to get help with that problem.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post today. I hope this will help someone make some sales in the near future. Remember to check back for more content on I have posted a URL for a video I enjoy by Jeffrey Gitomer.

One of the Best Sales Tips I Have…

One of the best sales tip I have ever been given is to be confident. You have to be confident in yourself and also in your product or service. I personally am more confident when I have done my homework and have prepared as much as possible for each customer that I have.  Your prospective customers will be able to pick up on your confidence. They are smart and will also be able to see when you are not confident. When they see you pitching them something that you don’t believe in, they will lose confidence in you. You will most likely lose that sale with that customer and any future sales with that customer. People that are confident will sell more. Product confidence is definitely a huge part of selling. One way that I have found that I can help my belief in a product is by studying it. I try and learn everything there is about that product. In my personal experiences I have had much better success when I know the product and I know the customer. I hope that this helps someone! If you have any tips for sale please leave a comment.

Working Through Negative Sales Results

In this post I want to talk about something that is going on with me currently. I have been in a funk or a drought for the last couple of weeks and it has really been a drain on me and my work. I am not sure what is going wrong. I have been working like I always have but it has been tough of late. Working through negative sales results can be very frustrating and just plain hard.

I know all the things that I am talking about in this post has been posted on this site before but I have to work through these things personally everyday so it makes sense to repeat some of the principles that I have been working with.

Despite the negative sales results I have been in I have been trying to be positive. I have been trying to make up for some of the losses that I have been taking and it really has been trying on me personally and professionally. I know that I shouldn’t take things personally and I should not care but it is hard not to care. I invest a lot of time and in my discussions with my clients to try and find the correct solution that will help them grow to the next level and then without warning they sink the idea like it wouldn’t have worked for them. It is hard not to care about that. I know that I am not perfect by any means and I am continually trying to learn and grow professionally and personally. I read this book by Zig Ziglar recently and it helped me understand some more that I just have to be more positive and go back to the basics. As I continue to work for my clients and put their needs in front of my own I will be able to see great solutions for them and everything will be okay. But going through the hard time is really tough.

So I have decided that the 3 best things that I need to do to stop this funk and to achieve my sales goals are – 

  1.  Smile and be happy about the amazing things that I do have in my life – Wife, Kids, Health, etc.
  2.  Keep working hard and smart.
  3. KEEP POSITIVE – I have to remember to be positive because good things happen to me more often when I stay positive.

These 3 things will help me achieve my sales goals!

Great Quote!





Jeffrey Gitomer – Positive Mental Attitude

Positive Attitude and Tips for salesPositive Attitude is very important in any sales position. I know that I have mentioned this in previous posts but it is something that has to be worked on everyday. I really enjoy this video Positive Mental Attitude by Jeffrey Gitomer because of the great info about having and keeping a positive attitude. When I watch it I usually forces me to realize that I need to do a better job of letting things go and moving on. If I do a self check on why I am in a bad mood I should be able to isolate the issue and move on to the next thing that I need to do. If I don’t let things go and I let issues that I cannot control get me down then my entire day will be shot and I will be down that day and possibly the next day as well. If that negativity goes unchecked it can be the start of a really bad sales drought and could hurt my performance. The negative attitude could also spread to your coworkers.

If you are in a sales drought it may be that you are stuck in a negative attitude. Take a look at this video by following the link below and think about what he says. Try to apply it to your life and your job and should help you in both. It has helped me with my positive mental attitude and I hope that it can help you as well.

Positive Mental Attitude – Jeffrey Gitomer

3 Tips To Help With Your Time Management

In sales there is seemingly never enough time in the day to see everyone that you want to see. We only have 24 hours everyday. We cannot use all of that time. In all reality most will only have about 7-8 hours in a day  that will be good for selling. That time goes by faster than people think. I have put together a few tips to help with time management. These have helped me stay focused and sell more.

1.  Spend less time in the office. I have found that if you get stuck in the office doing administrative things you will have so much less time to do what you are actually paid to do. One way that I try and avoid this is to come in a few minutes early (before my boss) and do any paperwork that I need to do. You could also do this after the prime time to sell and do these outside of normal business hours. The only time that I will stay in the office longer is when I have a prospect meeting me there or if there is a training etc.

2. Try not to waste time on prospects that are not going anywhere. These are potential customers that said sure to the initial “Can I come out and show you…?” They will seem interested. But these prospects will give signals that they are not going to move forward. If they are reluctant to make the final decision or if they say things like “I need to talk with my wife” they are more than likely not going to be a good prospect for the time being. Another signal that I see a lot is when someone will be reluctant to call you back. These prospects may be good prospects in the future so I would keep their info and even set an appointment my CRM (Salesforce, Nimble, etc.) to just check in on them. It is far better to move on to other prospects and stop wasting time driving to and from to meet with the non-buying prospect’s.

Time Management can be ruined by a messy desk.

Time Management can be ruined by a messy desk.

3. One more time management tip that is very important to my productivity is being as organized as I can be. I think that most people know that shuffling through a lot of papers can take a long time. Now imagine if you are looking through papers many times every day. This could be most of your day. I have folders for my accounts. I have them in a bin. So that I can move them from desk to car very easily. I try to keep my digital files organized in a thought out mann
er so that I don’t save it to my computer and then have to the digital paper shuffle to find things. My CRM helps me maintain an organized calendar and can help me with my follow ups for customers. One last thing that I do to help my organization is at the end of the day I put together my top priorities for the coming day. This helps me to be focused when I prepping for the next day. I will go through my list and make sure that I have something for all of my priorities.

These tips have helped me to sell and I hope that they will help you too.