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Create A Plan & Execute The Plan

Plan Your Day & Hustle

Plan Your Day & Hustle

So a huge thing to save time and to make sales is to have a plan for your day and be prepared for that plan. Once you have your plan and you have prepared for it. Prepare for it by looking up the businesses that you are visiting that day. Know what they do and who they are. Try and find why they do what they do. This last one may be tough but it can be found a lot of times in their social media or on their About Us page on their website. With this little bit of information you should be able to get out in front someone and talk with them about their business.

I don’t know why people would go out and try and work without a plan. Where do you go if you don’t have a plan? Do you have to sit and think about where to go? This is a waste of time. Do all plans work? No. Does a plan make you sell better? Not necessarily. A plan does help you get in front of more people because you are not wasting time thinking about where to go next.

So my advice today is to make sure to have a plan. Make sure that you know a reasonable amount of what, who and why about each business you are trying to meet with. Make sure to hustle and try and see everyone on your list. Anyone that you don’t see today; go see them tomorrow.

Good luck everyone and happy selling!

PS – I use to help with my customer relationships. I also use an add on to it, MapAnything to help me route and plan my days.

PSS – I hope that the next sentence is common sense. Respect a business owners time. For example do not go to a restaurant to try and sell that owner during lunch or dinner hours. They will most likely not like you very much for doing that.

This Is How I Sell (Me In Front Of My Clients)

I have been asked on a couple of different occasions how I personally sell. I wanted to go over exactly how I try and approach every sale. I am going to try and break it down into steps in a bullet point type of a format. I will try to be thorough but not overly long winded either.

  1.  The first thing that I try and do before every sales call is to prepare. I prepare by researching the company. I look at their products. I look at their reviews on Google/Yahoo/Social Networks/Etc. I will look at those to determine areas for improvement (opportunity). I will look at the owners Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, Twitter feed and kind of get a feel for them as a person. This will help me know how to approach them. This will also give me some insight into what they are interested in. That way I can go in with some possible common ground.
  2. When I am in front of my client I will not just dive straight into what I have to offer. Their guard is still up and they will be more likely to kill my ideas for their company. What I do is to try and establish a rapport with them by starting a conversation. This can be about a lot things. I mostly stick to their company and get them started talking to me about their company. Just about every business owner I know loves to talk about their business.
  3. Once I have them talking about their business I will flow directly into their business operations and how they do things. It depends on what I am selling for what I will ask next. If it is software based I will ask about their current software. If it is advertising I will ask about their current advertising or mention their ad that I saw. Whatever it is that you are trying to sell them, ask about their current solution in place. I begin with, What do you like about?” and follow with something like, “Why is that important to you?”. The next thing that I do is ask them if there is anything else that they like about their current solution. I will continue with that until they have no more. In my experience it is usually 2 or 3 things that they really like.
  4. After getting why they like their current solution I will something like this,”Based on these likes I can see why you like this solution. Is there anything that you do not like or that you would like to see improved?” I will then say something like, “Tell me more about this…” or “Tell me why you don’t like this…” I will then follow with, “What would you have it do differently to make it better?” After that I will continue that line of questions till the client has no more improvements to add to their solution.
  5. At the end of all the questions you have had a conversation about that clients business. You now understand what they like and dislike about their current solution. Now the selling happens when you sum it up for them. They have already given you their pains. What they really want at this point of the conversation is to know that you understand their problem. The way that I do this is a really thorough summary of their likes and dislikes. You can say something to the effect of “From our conversation I understand that you really like this because of this, this, and this. I understand that these things make your life easier and that they really help your business. Also from our conversation, I understand that there is room for improvement in this area, this area and this area. I understood that improving these areas is paramount for you and your business to grow and to give you more time to do what is important to you.”
  6. After the summary you can ask for their business confidently by showing the improvements to their life and business if they switched over to your solution. This is where sales can get a bad rap. A lot of people that I know will promise the world and they know full well that their client will not be getting the world. Do not hype your product. Simply explain the benefits and connect those benefits to the areas of improvement for the client. At this point you can say, “I would like to ask for your business.”

Does this work every time? No. Does it help me sell more than if I go in and try and sell on price alone? Yes. The reason that this helps me sell more is because I can connect on an emotional level and not just a money level. What if the customer just wants to talk about price? I simply let them know that our prices are competitive and that I promise we will get to that. I will sometimes say something like, “I know price is important and I promise we will get to that.”

What I want to get across in this post is that you have to connect with your customers. To do that you have to converse with them. You have to ask questions and truly care about their answer. You cannot fake truly caring about your customers. They will be able to see through it. be genuine and honest with your customers. Build your relationships with your clients on trust. Will they all be honest with you? Obviously not. Can you be honest with all of them? Yes. Will you lose a sale here and there because you are honest? Possibly. I know that I have. It is not worth lying to them because they will find out sooner or later that it was a lie and then they will leave your solution/product/company and go to your competitors. After they leave you they will probably tell all their friends about you lying to them and that’s bad for business.

I know that this has been a rant towards the end but this is something that I am passionate about. You don’t have to lie to sell. I hope that this post will help someone sell today! Good luck to everyone and make sure to check back soon for more tips for sales.

Time Management = Working Smarter

Time Management is something that I have written about already but today I want to go into a different direction. I want to delve specifically into planning out my day and how I work much more efficiently this way.

First off I will acknowledge that I am not perfect in this regard. I will share 2 ideas for time management for sales people specifically.

1. Planning around your appointments – 

I know that this may be considered obvious but a lot of people make the mistake of setting their appointment and then leaving the area to go somewhere else. I have found that if I plan on going to my appointment and setting aside enough time to visit “3 doors up and 3 doors down” from my appointment I will sell a lot more that day. I also have found that if I can get a referral from my appointment to those 3 doors up and down that I will be able to get in and talk with the business owners tons more often than without the referrals.

To sum it up work in the area so that you limit your windshield time and increase the time in front of the potential customers. I have found that if I visit 20-25 businesses a day that I will get appointments to come back on at least 4-6 of those and then will be able to close around 1-3 of those. That is what I can do this may not be the same for you. You may need to visit 10 businesses to have the same success. You may even have to visit 30 to get the same results. What I am saying is that you need to know your closing ratio and then you need to know how many people you need to get in front to be able to hit your goals. This works for me and has helped me have a plan and focus on the day.

2. Use a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) Religiously – (ie. Salesforce, Infusionsoft, ZenDesk, etc.

I know that not everyone likes to use a CRM and I understand it. In the positions that I have held, using a CRM is compulsory and no one likes to be told to do things. Think about your significant other or your parents telling you what to do.

Another reason that some of my peers do not like using CRM’s is because they can be used as “Big Brother”. The management can look at your days and your pipelines and the potential customers that you have and then they can use that info against you. So I get it. CRM’s can be used for a not so awesome purpose.

Bear with me for a minute while I explain why I believe that they are absolutely CRUCIAL to succeed in sales. First off they can help you organize. In a previous post I spoke about organizing yourself and how it can help you stay on top of your game. In this post I will simply ask this, “Can you remember all 20-25 people’s names that you met today? What about yesterday? Or even last Thursday?” You can see where I am going with this. Using pen and paper is important but I know without a doubt that to succeed even more than you are without a CRM you have to take that info on pen and paper and put it into a CRM. This way you will be able to recall those customer’s names at will. You will be able to remember to follow up with that guy that wanted more details but couldn’t talk today.

Let me tell you how I use a CRM. First thing in the morning when I am first in the office. I will pop on my CRM and see what I have for the day. I will check to see if I missed anything or if something new needs to be added for the day (email from client, etc.). Then as I go through my day if I have a network signal I can update my CRM throughout the day. If I do not have network I can take organized notes on pen and paper and at the end of the day I will go back into my CRM and update it for the next several days. This way I will have several days planned and I can constantly be updating those days to reflect what is going on with my pipeline.

As always I really hope that this can help you make more sales. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out the home page for more articles to help you sell more.

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Stop Comparing

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others.

Comparing yourself to your peers is a normal thing. It is how sales people are evaluated to a point. So in a contradiction to that way of thinking, I say that you should stop looking around at the other people in your office. Stop focusing on them and what they are doing. You need to do you. Let everyone else waste their time looking at each other and you go out and dominate. You go out and visit the extra prospect or make the extra call when they are looking at each other and you will get to the next level.

This is the level where they will all be looking at you and wondering what you are doing. I say let them look. Maybe by observing you they will see that you are a hustler. That you are out there punching the day in the face by winning every day. Then they will see that if they want on that level then they will have to hustle too.

This post is a short one but I hope that this will motivate someone to hustle. I know that if you hustle and get in contact with more prospects then you will have more closes and more MONEY in your pocket. Be sure to check back for more ways to win on


What’s Your Center? What Drives You? What Makes You Get Up & Go?

What’s Your Center? What Drives You? What Makes You Get Up & Go?

These are some questions that you should ask yourself no matter what career path you are in. Why do you do what you do? Why are you willing to give up 40+ hours of your time? Do you love what you do? Do you love making money? Do you love making money to be able to support your family?

So for me my center is my family. I do everything so that I can support my family. I also love helping people grow their businesses. So I have a primary objective of supporting my family and I have a secondary of helping people. This secondary was something that I learned that I loved from doing it. I didn’t know that helping people to grow their businesses so that they could support their families was so rewarding. For me it was not just about the money that makes my job rewarding. It is also about helping people advertise their business. Most of the clients that I help did not know about advertising or how to grow their business. It is so rewarding to have my customers tell me that the advertising is working for them and that their companies are growing. So these 2 things are what drive me in my sales.

How Do You Find Your Center In Sales?

Ask yourself right now, “Why am I working/doing what I am doing? Why do I get up and go to work in the morning? Stop and listen. What does your brain say in return? It can be anything? It can be purely about the money. It can be about helping people. My mom is a nurse and for her it is about helping people and then she had a doctor ask her to come work with her. Then it became not just about helping people but also to help her friend as her nurse. So it can be about working with your friends. I have been in a sales office that the team environment was so strong that we worked for each other. We wanted to hit goals so we didn’t let each other down. If someone faltered we wanted to be able to help pick up the slack. In that office it was about the team and about having fun as a team. So my advice is to ask yourself what your center is and then listen to see if you get an answer.

Why Is It Important To Know Your Center?

The answer to that is that there are several reasons. The one that I want to touch on today is the motivational aspect of knowing your center. When times are tough what can you look at that will drive you forward? When you are being told no all day long what will make you go and see that one more potential customer or make that one more phone call? What I do during tough times is to take a look through the photos on my phone and look at the wife and kids and I will usually give it one more try. This really does work and it really does help me. I know that it can help you too.

If you have anything else to offer on this subject please share it in the comments section below. I hope that this helps someone sell more today. Remember to continue to check back or sign up for email notification when there is another post on

1 Not So Secret Secret To Sales

1 Not So Secret Secret To Sales –

I really just want to share one thing today in this post. It is not really a secret but it is something that is one of the most important things in sales. This sales tip is get your feet on the street. Now you need to use some of the other things while you are out on the street working and looking for future clients. Whether it is taking such great care of your current clients that they give you referrals or if it is something else we have talked about in previous posts. One of the most important things in sales and work in general is to just get out there and do it.

It Seems Logical That Sales Professionals Want To Make Money –

As sales professionals we only make money when we are selling our products. So it would make sense that a sales person would be motivated by this. Unfortunately reality is that a lot of sales people are quick to stop and take a break here or to take an early lunch there. This is a result of a lot of things. It could be a result of that sales person not being prepared for the day and therefore that sales “professional” will not be very motivated to go out and see people. It could be that the sales person has just been rejected and they are down because of that. It could be that they are in a slump and their boss is getting on them in the morning before they go out the door. By the way if a sales manager reads this, please lay off in the mornings. It can kill a day if the sales manager digs into us before we even have a chance to get out and sell. Can it wait till the afternoon or the end of the day? It could be something in their personal lives that is preventing them from getting out and digging for new clients. It really could be anything. I have seen sales people that try and sell one thing (even if it is small) and quit for the day. This is a lazy thing. I touched on this in a previous post.

You’re Not Going To Sell Like That –

You will not sell many things unless you get out there and get in front the prospects. Remember to be positive. Also remember that being positive means you need to be prepared for the day and for the people you get in front of. Work hard but try and work smart. This would mean to try and limit windshield time & be in front of more people. It could also mean that if you are having to drive a lot to try and have set and confirmed appointments so that you do not waste time traveling if you are not going to be seen. So the biggest takeaway for this post though is to get out of the office more and be out in front of more potential customers. I was told a long time ago,”Whatever you do. You be the best whatever it is that you can be.” I know that I cannot be the best I can be in the office. My best is when I meet people face to face and get to know them and build a relationship where I can help them solve problems in their business.

I really hope that this will help someone to make a sale and to help someone today. If you have any other helpful hints in sales, please share them in the comments section below. Have a great day! If you want to be notified of any other sales tips subscribe to receive an email alerting you to a new post. Thanks for reading

Talking Too Much In Sales?

Is there such a thing as talking too much in sales? I want to try and answer that question in today’s post. I also want to get into a little bit of the why I feel that there is a such a thing as talking too much in sales.

First off like I said before – There is such a thing as talking too much in sales. The type of sales you are in does not change this fact. I have found this to be true through observing other sales people on sales calls. I watched these very bright, vibrant people get in front of their prospective clients and ask questions and then not even wait for a response to the original question. It really showed that they were not listening. It may be nerves for some of these people. Some were newer sales people. But others it was obvious it was just for pleasantries sake/small talk. I found this to be very annoying and I was just there as an observer.

It’s like this. Have you ever been on the other end of a conversation of someone that just will not stop to even catch their breath? How do you feel when these people just talk to hear themselves talk? This gets very tiresome on the other person in the conversation. I have a few people that I work with (professionally & personally) that are like this and it gets to the point where I am just done. I feel like I am being used to dump on or like they really don’t care what I have to say. It seems like they are in it for them and could care less about anything that is not them. This is what I have observed with customers that were talked at and not talked with. They can see that they are not important to these sales people. Once they see you as a salesperson it’s over. In their eyes you are only there to sell something to them. If these sales people could pause after their questions, that would be a good start. Let the other person in the conversation speak. Ideally you want to ask questions and consult with your customers. You want to be able uncover pain points in a customer’s business. You can only do this by listening to your customer. Once they have told you about some pain points, ask more questions about those specific pain points. What is it about this pain that is causing it? What have you tried in the past to remedy this? Is there something in your mind that could help fix this? If you had a magic wand what would erase this problem? Really show that you are trying to identify the root cause for these pains. Once the pain points are well defined you will have a much easier time showing a solution that will solve the root of that problem. The customer will be engaged and will be much more likely to buy from you if can fully define their problem and fully explain the solution that will solve their problem. They will see you more as a consultant with authority in your field rather than just a sales person pushing a product.

I know that the question, “Is there such a thing as talking too much in sales?”, was an obvious yes. I know that selling relies on us getting out there and talking. “Get your feet on the street” is what I hear a lot of to fix sales numbers. I also know that selling is not difficult if you can come at it from the position of trying to help your clients. This is something that I really enjoy doing and it really does help with future sales if your customer base feels like you are looking out for their best interests. This process of them trusting you begins with you talking with them and then you listening to them. I don’t know why some sales people forget this. I will say that those sales people are losing potential customers because they are not listening to them. Do not lose customers because you were not listening. This is such an easy thing to do and it will help your sales performance.

I hope that this reminder of the basics helps someone that may have forgotten to listen to their customers. Sales is not hard. Work hard. Work smart. Care about your customers. With these things you will be more successful in sales. Good luck with your sales today!

1 Way You Are Failing In Sales

There is a way that a lot of sales people fail in sales. I am not saying that you personally are failing in sales or that you are doing this. What I am saying is that people get content after making a sale in a day. This 1 sale gives people a false sense of security. Don’t get me wrong. It is great getting a sale. I have done this in the past and I have also stayed hungry for another once I have made a sale. The days that I make a sale I feel great. It only makes sense that I should be in the field selling when I am feeling GREAT. I have found that people respond better when I am feeling better. I feel more confident on those days and it bleeds over into my pitches. People feel the confidence and subsequently have more confidence in what I am saying. I have had days where I can have multiple sales in a day because of this shift in my attitude. I stay hungry to make another sale.

So how do I do this? What I do to help my sales is to have a set schedule of when I am going to be in the field selling. If I make a sale, great. If do not make a sale, keep going. My schedule is the same either way. I have a set time I want to be out of the office and a set time for lunch and set time to be back in the office to put the orders in. This schedule may not transfer over to your industry. If it does not please make your own and share it in the comments section. This schedule has helped me stay productive a sales person. So a sample schedule for me is to get out of the office by no later than 9:30-9:45 am. I will work until 11:30 and then take a 30-45 minute lunch. After lunch I will stay actively engaged in selling to existing customers, new customers, new leads that I just found, etc. until 4 pm. At 4 pm I will start looking at my day and look to see if there is anyone else that I can see really quickly. If so I will go and try and see them. If not I will start heading back to my office to key my sales into the system. What this schedule does for me helps me stay focused and it has helped me get in front of more people. That in turn will continue to help me sell more. So don’t be content. Keep pushing forward to the next sale.

This was a simple sales tip for you today but sometimes we all need to remember the basics. I hope that this will help someone make a sale or two today. Keep checking back at for more sales tips, advice and more about me. If you have anything that you do to increase your productivity please share it with us in the comments section.  Thank you for reading and good luck today.

How Do I Overcome Rejection In Sales

Rejection stinks! Being told no stinks! Not getting our way stinks! But that is life. Not everything that we plan and work hard to obtain will work out. That being said, it doesn’t make it any easier to get rejected. When I first started in sales I remember being rejected and getting down. Down on myself and on my products. I found that being down on myself or my products would really hurt my sales results. When I say hurt, I really mean shut them down all together. That is obviously a very bad thing to happen to a sales professional. Without sales there is no money. Without money there will be no job in the near future. So… What do I do now to overcome rejection in sales?

What do I do now to overcome rejection in sales?

I have found several things that have not worked for me in overcoming rejection. The one thing that I have found to help me is to change my mindset a little bit. What I mean is that I have to approach each potential client with the attitude that if they do not buy from me, there are still hundreds and hundreds of other potential clients out there that I need to get in front of. So if I get there in front of the potential client with the mentality that there are so many more people out there, it makes it much easier to move on and continue to press onward. So coming from a position of abundance makes me feel better. I have found type of mentality to be helpful to me in my sales position. I am not saying move on from the potential client that just rejected your pitch. What I am saying is to put into your CRM or Outlook or however you keep up with your potential clients a note to recontact them in the future. You never know when their position may change. Also what I am saying is that everyday there are people opening new businesses across the world. This is an absolute fact. What I have done in the past is to get the NEW business license list from the local government center (town hall, city hall, etc.). It may have a cost associated with it but it will give you the list to the newest businesses in your city where you are selling. Having this tangible list of new businesses has helped me realize that I can have this mentality of coming from abundance.

I hope that this will help someone overcome rejection in sales today. Please let me know what you do to overcome rejection in sales and how you apply it in your life by leaving a comment in the comment section. Good luck!

Self Confidence in Sales

Is self confidence an important part of sales?

In my opinion self confidence is a vital part of sales. So what is self confidence in sales? I have noted in my experiences that self confidence comes from a thorough preparation for every customer. You can have self confidence in front of a customer that you are fully prepped for and then go to another customer and not have that confidence because of a lack of preparation for that customer. Without self confidence your customers or potential customers will pick up on the lack of confidence in yourself and may perceive it as a lack of confidence in your product or service.

How do you develop self confidence in sales?

It all starts with the preparation for that customer. So for me the first thing that I need to do is find out as much as I can about that customer’s problem that needs to be improved on. So I need to ask questions about their issue and then listen to the customer. I take notes as I am talking with them so that I will not forget the issue. Next I look at my solutions that I have to help that customer. If I have solutions that can solve that customer’s issues I will note down and pair them with their issues while I am that customer. What I will do next is let the customer know that I definitely have solutions that can help them. I will also let them know that I would like to get back together so we can review the solutions that I have. I set the follow up appointment before I leave. After I leave the customer I will get artwork or a demo made up of some software or a website demo with their information on there. Whatever solution I have I will try and get it customized to that customer’s information and have that when I go back to see that customer. I will then look at the solutions and compare them to my notes and make sure that the solutions solve all this customer’s issues. This preparation really makes a huge difference in my confidence in front of the customer.

How Does Preparation Make You More Confident?

Just having a plan on what you want to show/say to the customer can help you. Having products prepped to show or have the customer demo is a step up in how much it can help you. Confidence comes from working hard FOR your customer. When you are working to help the customer and not to make money is really where the confidence goes through the roof. Are we there to make money? Yes in the end we are there to make money. I have found that doing this little bit extra for the customer makes a huge amount of difference in how much money I make.

One More Simple Thing To Remember

DO NOT FORGET YOUR CUSTOMER’s NAME. There is no recovery from this. Go ahead and laugh but it happens to salespeople all of the time. Mostly because we are meeting new people everyday and in some industries every hour or so. A simple sales tip that I use to help me remember my customer’s name is to write it down as I am taking notes. This writing really helps me recall that customer’s name later. I also write the company name and customer’s name. Here is an example of how I format it – ABC Company – John Doe. It’s that simple. I write it though. I do have a CRM that I use but I like pen and paper a lot. This really does help remember customers’ names.

I hope that these tips will help you with your Self Confidence In Sales. Please check some of my other posts on