Sales Tip – A phrase that kills sales before they even have a chance!

Sales tip for today is all about calling potential customers on the phone. More specifically it is about a simple phrase that kills sales before they are even given a chance. I recently watched a video, that I have embedded below, that talks about 4 words that kill a sales call. I really took some […]

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Super Secret Sales Tip For You

Sales tip of the day: Sometimes a sales tip isn’t so much about selling but more about building strong relationships. This is one of those sales tips. I have found over the years in sales that people will really listen to me if I can prove to be valuable to them in some way. For […]

One of the Best Sales Tips I Have…

One of the best sales tip I have ever been given is to be confident. You have to be confident in yourself and also in your product or service. I personally am more confident when I have done my homework and have prepared as much as possible for each customer that I have.  Your prospective customers […]


Working Through Negative Sales Results

In this post I want to talk about something that is going on with me currently. I have been in a funk or a drought for the last couple of weeks and it has really been a drain on me and my work. I am not sure what is going wrong. I have been working […]

Jeffrey Gitomer – Positive Mental Attitude

Positive Attitude is very important in any sales position. I know that I have mentioned this in previous posts but it is something that has to be worked on everyday. I really enjoy this video Positive Mental Attitude by Jeffrey Gitomer because of the great info about having and keeping a positive attitude. When I watch […]

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3 Tips To Help With Your Time Management

In sales there is seemingly never enough time in the day to see everyone that you want to see. We only have 24 hours everyday. We cannot use all of that time. In all reality most will only have about 7-8 hours in a day  that will be good for selling. That time goes by faster than people think. […]

Attitude + Activity = Sales Success

I know I have mentioned this already in the previous post but it so important that I decided to talk a little bit more about attitude. It is easy to say that you need a positive attitude. It is a lot harder to actually keep a positive attitude. So I’ve discussed how I do it. […]

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Staying Positive In Sales! 3 Ways That I Stay Positive

  Being able to stay positive in sales is HUGE! One of the easiest things to do in sales is to get discouraged. How many no’s do we hear as sales people every single day? How many rejections? I know that I get rejected just like everyone else and I also know that it can be […]

Important Part of the Sales Process… Getting Out There

One of the most important elements of sales is getting out there and actually hitting your feet on the pavement! If you don’t try then you are guaranteed to fail. I know that this is a bit obvious but sometimes people get comfortable. You can’t get comfortable in a sales position of any kind. You […]


“Sales is like hunting… Or stalking.”

This quote is from my sales manager during a recent Monday Morning Meeting.

I really really liked this quote because it is absolutely true. One of the very basic parts of any sales career is that you will have to chase potential clients. You will have to put in time on the hunt. Some of those leads that you chase will be ready to sign and those are nice because it just clicked. That’s good hunting when you go out searching and come back with a signature or two.

Some of them it will feel like you are stalking them. (not literally stalking)  What I mean by that is that you found a lead that was interested but they were not ready to buy right then. It really doesn’t matter why they were not ready. What that does mean is you are going to have to continue to reach out to that potential customer. You will have to call, email, drop in with donuts or treats. A drop in usually goes much smoother with a treat of some sort or another. Use what works for you in your field of sales whether it is any of the options above or if it be anything else that you like to use. Whatever method that you choose to use with your customers just be there and be ready for when your customer is ready to pull the trigger and buy.